Hongdae Audio Walking Tour

Hi everyone, first of all, a thousand apologies for our total disappearance for the past few months.  That’s my fault, as I started a new job in April; I’m no longer working just part-time (boo-hoo, I know) and in fact am often working more than full-time, leaving me with far less opportunity to work on the blog.  In addition, we’re finally, finally nearing completion of the English version of the Seoul Sub→urban book, and I’ve been focused on bringing that project to completion.  Hopefully, we’ll be back to posting soon, but until then, thanks for your continued patience.

In other news, a small announcement about a super cool project I’ve been involved in.  A few months ago, I put together an audio walking tour of Hongdae for a company called VoiceMap.  VoiceMap is an app (for both Apple and Android) that provides GPS-activated guided tours of dozens of cities around the globe.  Just download the app, download the tour you want, press ‘play’ when you get to the designated starting point, and VoiceMap will do the rest.  The app uses GPS positioning to automatically play chapters in the tour when you reach certain locations, so there’s nothing you have to do except walk and listen.  I know I sound like a total shill, but it really is awesome.

The tour I created, ‘Alternative Seoul – Hongdae’s B-boys, Makkeolli Men, and Guitar Gods’ explores Hongdae’s history, culture, and nightlife, all for just $1.99.  If you’re in Seoul and can tolerate nasally, upper-Midwest accents, I suggest you check it out.  And to celebrate and thank you guys for your patience, I’m giving away a free download.  Be the first person in the comments to tell us what the first station Seoul Sub→urban ever visited was, and it’s yours.*


*I think.  On my VoiceMap page it says ‘Free Tours: 0.’ I think this means that I haven’t given any away yet, but it’s possible that it means I don’t have any to give away.  If it’s the latter, let me get all legalistic and say we can’t be held liable for the above offer being a fraud.  Err…sorry.


2 thoughts on “Hongdae Audio Walking Tour

    • Hi Jean, first of all, thanks for the compliments on the blog! Second of all, congrats, you get the code for the free VoiceMap download! Assuming it works. Still not sure if it does. Send an e-mail to seoulsuburban@gmail.com, and we’ll send you the promo code.

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