The Encyclopedia Show – Seoul, Series 1 Volume 3: The Visible Spectrum of Color

Going a bit off topic here, but it’s for your own good.  This coming Sunday, March 31 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Flow in Itaewon the above extravaganza will be taking place, looking at color in a way you’ve never looked at it before.  I’m talking seeing it through a prism through a prism through a prism.  Also, yours truly will be performing.

The Encyclopedia Show - Color

So what is The Encyclopedia Show exactly?  I’ll let the inimitable (and show organizer) Lauren Bedard explain:

In its mission to obfuscate fact and fallacy, the Encyclopedia Show-Seoul is back! To refresh your memory, the Encyclopedia Show-Seoul, brings some of the most talented poets, painters, and performance artists in the Seoul community to create an artist’s interpretation of an encyclopedia installment.

In the past, this show has taught you about the polar bears and tooth paste, werewolves, bathtub moonshine and the dangers of sex in hot air balloons. This time around, The Encyclopedia Show-Seoul ret

urns with a vengeance and a freight truck full of crayons to illustrate the wonders and mysteries of color.

Did you ever wonder why it’s not easy being green? Why you should be incredibly jealous of mantis shrimp? Why the song “I Can Sing A Rainbow” is completely lost on dogs? or why Isaac Newton enjoyed poking himself in the eye with cutlery on rainy days during the plague? If your answer is yes(or no) to any of these questions, I beseech you to join us!

The Essentials

Time: Sunday, March 31, 6-9 p.m.

Place: Club Flow in Itaewon

Directions: Walk straight out of Exit 3 of Itaewon subway station.  Take your first right after Mr. Kebab.  Flow is on the left side of the street above Club Zion. Look for their random Ghostbusters logo.

Cover: 8,000 won, which includes a Visible Spectrum of Color, coloring book designed by artists Michael Roy, Julia Chiplis, Sarah Mccauley, Adam Palmeter, Ripley Torres, and Wilfred Lee and Kim Ri Ah.  Proceeds go to to Friends International, an NGO aiding marginalized children and families in South East Asia.

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