It’s Seoul Week on ExploreMetro


It’s Seoul Week at ExploreMetro, a great series of iPhone apps that provide maps, routes, and timetables for subways in some of Asia’s biggest cities.  All this week the site’s blog will be featuring specially chosen posts from Seoul Sub→urban and offering the Explore Seoul app for just $0.99, 50% off the usual price.  Traveling?  You can also score apps for Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

Also, we still have a few free Explore Seoul apps to give away.  All you have to do is e-mail us ( with tips on what to see and do near your local station, or, if we’ve already visited it, just fill us in on something we’ve missed.  Do that, and we’ll e-mail you back with a code good for a free Explore Seoul download.   But, hurry, the offer’s only valid through the rest of Seoul Week!

2 thoughts on “It’s Seoul Week on ExploreMetro

  1. Cool blog! It would helpful if you could add some sort of menu, so that readers can browse the stops that you’ve visited (even cooler if you could figure out how to do it as both a list and as a map).

    By the way, have you guys visited Nakseongdae station? I’ve been living here for around two years now, and I’ve really seen it transform itself from a quiet residential neighborhood (which it still is) to a happening little town with good food, great cafes, traditional markets, jazz clubs, etc. There’s also Nakseongdae park and Gwanak mountain. You should stop by and have a look.

    • Thanks for the message! We’re glad you like the project. As a matter of fact, we did go to Nakseongdae a few weeks ago, and the post will be going up very shortly. I agree, cool neighborhood. Didn’t do any eating, but did come across a nice cafe (maybe one that you frequent) and checked out the park. A really peaceful stop.

      As for the menu, you read our minds. That’s pretty much exactly what we want to do: have an interactive map where you can view a post by clicking on the station. We’ve got some other business to attend to for the time being, but at some point in the not too distant future we’re hoping to revamp the site a bit, that kind of menu included. Meantime, thanks a lot for visiting us!

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