Seoul Sub→urban in ‘The Traveller (더 트래블러)’ Magazine

We’re happy to announce that Seoul Sub→urban is the subject of a small profile in this month’s issue of  The Traveller magazine.

A few weeks ago the two of us met up with the lovely 류진 to be interviewed and do a photo shoot around Gwanghwamun, and if you can read Korean we hope you’ll pick up a copy and give it a look.  Just please, please, please disregard the photo of us.  We’re not that dorky, seriously.  We actually look kind of normal in most of the shots, just not the one they, uh, decided to splash across a full page.  Oh well, we had a lot of fun anyways and we’re super glad for the recognition that the magazine is giving our project, so big thanks to 류진, photographer 전재호, and everyone else at the mag.

I couldn’t find a weblink to the piece on us, but if I do I’ll update this post with the address.

UPDATE: The article about us is now on the Traveller’s website.  You can view it by clicking on the image below.

3 thoughts on “Seoul Sub→urban in ‘The Traveller (더 트래블러)’ Magazine

  1. Dear Charlie, Liz, and Angelique,

    Greetings from buzz KOREA administration team! We enjoyed your aspiring stories in Korea uploaded to your blog.

    In a week, buzz KOREA( is hosting a familiarization tour for bloggers currently residing in Korea. There will be many fun experiences like eating Ssambap (Korean tacos using leaves rather than tortillas), learning Samulnori (Traditional Korean percussion music), and visiting Bukchon Hanok village (A cluster of traditional Korean architecture) together. The reason we are preparing such event is to create more of the rich online contents about Korean culture and spread them through social networking sites such as blog, facebook, and twitter. It will be our great pleasure to have you at this event. After the event, we would like you to create contents about this experience and publish it on your blog.

    Proposed date for the tour is July 20th(or 22nd), and the event will last from 10am to 5pm. We would like to know whether you are available on either day. Please let us know through the email Also, if you are participating, please provide us with your contact information. The schedule is tentative; we might modify the schedule if the date we proposed is not available to accommodate many people. We believe that this familiarization tour will be a great opportunity for you and other bloggers to have fun and to broaden your perspective about Korea.

    Thank you.

    Date and time
    Wed, July 20th or Fri, July 22nd from 10am to 5pm

    Fam-tour program summary
    Bukchon Hanok village tour – Ssambap lunch – Samulnori experience

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