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Hi guys, just a couple quick announcements to make.  First of all, we’re sad to say that our column in SEOUL magazine has come to an end.  The mag recently underwent one of its periodic redesigns and content shakeups, and the editorial staff decided that, after close to five years, it was time to bring the Seoul Sub→urban column to an end and to make way for some new material.  Five years is a pretty damn good run, and all of us who are or have been a part of this project are grateful to SEOUL for bringing us on board, giving us paper to write on, and opening doors to even bigger opportunities.  We’ll still be contributing to the magazine, though, just in other forms, as we recently did with a profile of e-sports caster Erik Lonnquist.

OK, now the good news.  Beginning this month I’ll be writing bi-weekly (more or less) articles for  These won’t be explicitly linked to Seoul Sub→urban, but since that sort of thing is my bread and butter, I’ll frequently be writing about places and neighborhoods here in the capital.  Other times I might touch on food or history or contemporary issues.  Hell, maybe I’ll just do a top ten list of my favorite K-pop songs.  (Yes, it does exist.)  So we hope you check that out and continue to check SEOUL out as well.  As always, thanks for reading!

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