March Issue of SEOUL Magazine and ‘My Secret Seoul’ on TBS eFM

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great 삼일.  A quick announcement that the March 2011 issue of SEOUL magazine, with our visit to Gangbyeon Station, is now on shelves.  Or check out the eBook.

After a week off due to a scheduling shuffle I’ll also be back on the air this Friday at 11:35 a.m. for my bi-weekly visit to TBS eFM’s (101.3) ‘Soul of Asia‘ with John Lee.  I’ll be discussing our most recent post, Euljiro-4-ga, and I think this time we’ll even have audio from the field.  나이스.

4 thoughts on “March Issue of SEOUL Magazine and ‘My Secret Seoul’ on TBS eFM

  1. Amazing idea for a blog. I love this tribute to Seoul’s boundless vibrancy. I lived in Seoul for a year and often considered exactly what you say in the bio–just getting off at a station and exploring. Unfortunately, I always felt too busy or preoccupied. (I did get lost often, however, which led to many discoveries.) I applaud you for doing it every week, writing about it and taking gorgeous pictures. One thousand kudos to you!

  2. hI
    I haven’t visited your blog such a long time.
    Today it suddenly come to think of my mine and i introduced your blog to a teacher beside me (probably u remember him….)
    He is very interesred in your pictures like me.
    They are very impressive!!!
    i love your pictures that catch the moment of people’s life~~~~~

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