‘My Secret Seoul’ on TBS eFM’s Soul of Asia

I completely spaced on this last week when the first one aired, but I’m now doing a regular guest segment on TBS eFM’s ‘Soul of Asia‘ program, hosted by John Lee.  The segment, called ‘My Secret Soul,’ will revisit one of the neighborhoods we’ve explored in the course of this project, and John and I will discuss what’s there and what there is to do, and I’ll offer my impressions of the area — basically the same thing we do on the blog but with talking.

‘My Secret Soul’ will air every other Friday, starting tomorrow, at 11:35 a.m. on 101.3.  We hope you tune in!

One thought on “‘My Secret Seoul’ on TBS eFM’s Soul of Asia

  1. I came back after 2 weeks in India, last night. So I have much to catch on on your blog.

    Thank you for sharing all these with us.

    Happy New Year, 2011! The year I’ll come to Seoul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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