Seoul Sub→urban on

We’re happy to announce that Seoul Sub→urban has teamed up with, so now — in addition to Nanoomi and, of course, right here — you’ll be able to find our content on their wonderfully useful site under the Travel & Places tab in their Latest Expat Blogs section.

And speaking of HiExpat, they’re holding a  popularity contest to find 2010’s Best English-Language Blogger in Korea.  That’s probably not us, but if you disagree you can vote here.  Thanks in advance, if not for your vote at least for your readership.  We appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Seoul Sub→urban on

  1. Hey!!! I wonder how is it possible to do such partnership? Does HiExpat have to offer you such opportunity, or is it somehow possible to apply for it? Thx in advance for answer ~

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