Seokchon Station (석촌역) Line 8 – Station #815

(Editor’s Note: Photos by Joshua Davies.) Symmetry.  Seokchon possesses so much of it that it often feels as if you could fold the neighborhood over on itself just about any which way and its halves would fit snugly together with a satisfying little click.  Each of the four quadrants that the area’s two main roads…


Songpa Station (송파역) Line 8 – Station #816

Editor’s Note: The uncertainties of expat life have struck again, and Joshua has found himself whisked off to Hong Kong, meaning that there’s once more a change in photographers here at Seoul Sub→urban.  One more post with Joshua’s work will be coming up – along with a couple from Merissa – but now I’d like to…

Seoul Sub→urban on SBS

Just did a brief interview with SBS. No, not that SBS, the other one, with the Vegemite. You can listen to it here. Special bonus: It’s bilingual!  Apologies for the slightly foggy tone of voice. I did the interview about five minutes after I woke up.