New Photographer Wanted!

Part of the experience of living as an expat is dealing with plans that suddenly change, both your own and others’, and the goodbyes that turn into a fact of life.  Unfortunately, it’s that time for us here at Seoul Sub→urban, as Meagan will be leaving Seoul in mid-March to return to the U.S. to pursue a master’s degree.  That of course means that Seoul Sub→urban is in need of a new photographer!

In addition to the blog, photographing for Seoul Sub→urban comes with a paid monthly column for SEOUL magazine, and there may be other opportunities that arise with the publication of our book later this spring.  If you’re interested in becoming part of the project, please look over the below information and follow the instructions at the end of the post.

Photographer Responsibilities

– Shoot and publish an average of 1 stop per week for the blog.
– Shoot 1 additional stop per month for SEOUL magazine.
– Help with the occasional publicity the project receives (radio interviews, etc.)

We’re Looking for Someone Who:

– Will be in Seoul for at least one year (preferably longer) from June 1, 2013.
– Can commit to visiting (on average) one subway stop per week.
– Uses professional equipment.  (No iPhones or point-and-shoots, people.)
– Has a strong grasp of Photoshop and/or Lightroom
– Is able to work independently.
Bonus points will be given to anyone who:
– Has a moderate to strong ability with web design.  (We’re hoping to revamp the website soon.)
– Has lived in Seoul for six months or more
– Speaks Korean.

Interested?  Please e-mail by Saturday, March 9 with the following:
– Name and self-introduction
– Information on your photography experience and five sample shots (jpg please)
– The equipment you use
– Why you’d like to join the project

We’ll then review applications and ones we like will be provided with a sample station to photograph and further instructions.  Thanks in advance for your interest!



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