Jeungsan Station (증산역) Line 6 – Station #617


This was a stop about which I was finding it difficult to say much, especially in light of the fact that I visited it immediately after Saejeol, and the neighborhoods around both are, for all intents and purposes, virtually identical.  The Bulgwang Stream (불광천), Exit 1 or 2, flows alongside the main street here as well, though by the time it reaches Jeungsan it has shrunk to just a narrow channel and shifted from a stream running straight and parallel to the bike lanes to a ribbon meandering in gentle curves between wide banks and around sandbars.


The most distinct feature of the stream here is the Sun Put in a Bridge, er, bridge (해담는다리), just south of Exit 2.  In truth, it’s way too fancy of a name for what it is: a pretty unspectacular pedestrian bridge supported by black cables connected to a white arch overhead.  It does, however, offer a nice view of the various peaks of Bukhan Mountain (북한산) to the northeast.  You can spot Bibong (비봉), Munsubong (문수봉), and Bohyeonbong (보현봉), among others.


Like the stream, the neighborhood here was a bit quieter than in Saejeol, with less people out.  The area is a calm middle-class district without too much of distinction. 


I walked around for a while trying to find something of real interest, and the best I came up with was an ajeosshi on the side of the street smashing beer and propane grill cans flat with a big concrete cylinder attached to a long metal pole.


With nothing really doing, I decided to walk into the back streets outside of Exit 3 and to just keep going towards the wooded hills that flank the west side of the neighborhood, like those of Saejeol.  Turning down Jeungsan-ro-5-gil (증산로5길), and continuing past the Jeungsan Digital Library (증산정보도서관) I just kept walking, following the road up to the top of the hill, alongside some kids heading to soccer practice.  It was quiet and peaceful, and at the top of the hill, looking out over the neighborhood, I could see all the way across to Inwang Mountain (인왕산).


Then, on the way back down, I noticed something I wouldn’t have seen had the trees not been bare.  Poking through the branches was the top of a stele and what looked like half of another burial mound. 


I walked back down to check it out and, sure enough, it was another (presumed) burial site, like the one I came across in Saejeol.  While also surrounded by a fence, the gate to this one wasn’t locked and so I slipped in to get a closer look.  This one looked quite a bit newer than the other, and a granite slab near the stone steps leading up to the mound had a date of 3/26/2008 on it.  There were no earthen half-circles around the central mound, but instead a second, smaller mound in the back.  Another difference was that, in addition to a stele and pillars, a pair of stone guardian statues flanked the site here, keeping vigil.



Bulgwang Stream (불광천)

Exit 1 or 2


Sun Put in a Bridge (해담는다리)

Exit 2


Jeungsan Digital Library (증산정보도서관)

Exit 3

South on Jeungsan-ro (증산로), west on Jeungsan-ro-5-gil (증산로5길)


Burial Mound

Exit 3

South on Jeungsan-ro (증산로), west on Jeungsan-ro-5-gil (증산로5길) until you arrive at a dirt parking lot, where a path to the mound begins.



3 thoughts on “Jeungsan Station (증산역) Line 6 – Station #617

  1. Kind of peculiar that you happened upon that stele on what I assume is the anniversary of that person’s death. Or did you just make this posting on 3/26?

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