Seoul Sub→urban in the L.A. Times

As brought up in the previous post, we’re happy to announce that Seoul Sub→urban has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.  John Glionna, the paper’s Seoul bureau chief, tagged along with us last outing and wrote an article that appears in today’s edition.  You can check the article out online here.

13 thoughts on “Seoul Sub→urban in the L.A. Times

  1. Great story and interesting idea. We spent the month of April there on vacation. Can’t wait to return. Will follow your RSS feeds.

    Thank you,
    Jim Bartley
    Los Angeles

  2. The LAT being syndicated, I read the article on / Lexington Herald-Leader ( ).

    I’m glad to have eventually met your blog… even if I had to virtually pass by Lexington Station on that short Seoul-Seoul trip !

    There’s no better way of experiencing Seoul than a few bites at a time, inviting randomness. I love taking Seoul subway and it happened to me a few times to step down on the spur of the moment – less often on underground lines, granted. I also like to browse maps and spot intriguing areas, usually small, uphill, remote “maeuls”. There’s a very special atmosphere in many spots about to disappear. At the same time full of life and of food for thought about death.

    Seoul is very stimulating if you’re into writing and/or photography because it keeps evolving before your very eyes. You keep craving for more, even if (because?) you can (should?) never get the full picture.

    That’s another reason why your work is essential.

    Keep on roaming !

    PS : hope we’ll come across each other some day.

    • I’m assuming you are from/maybe in Kentucky at the moment! Ah I miss it! This project is a great way for me to show my family in KY what I’m up to in Korea 🙂 Take care, Thanks for reading!

      • I’m afraid my experience of KY is rather limited (a few hours on the way from Chicago to New Orleans, in the Westernmost section of the State).

        I actually read the article on my laptop in Seoul (thus the “I had to virtually pass by Lexington Station on that short Seoul-Seoul trip”).

        Take care

        Stephane (

  3. Came across you blog after reading LA Times article on you fascinating endeavor to experience Seoul’s subway system.

    I was there several months ago and I wished LA had such sophisticated public transportation and underground arcades.

    Well, good luck and enjoy you stay.

  4. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

    Wonder if you’ll ever spend a weekend trying a Gwangju Sub—>urban special? (Yes, the limited size of the subway means you could probably bang it out in a weekend or two).

  5. Hello from Los Angeles, the 2nd Seoul…

    I really enjoyed your article in the times and had to check out some more articles on you blog. How long have you had this project?

    I visited Korea about 4 years ago with my wife and daughter and had an incredible experience. Some of the highlights were when I went off on my own with my limited Korean but high enthusiasm. The first time was trying to find a laundromat(there weren’t any). I finally found a dry cleaner that did the laundry for three of us for $30. The hotel would have charged that for a few pairs of pants.

    The other was when my wife had a craving for Kul Guk Su. That was much easier, except it took walking into about 20 restaurants. Food is definitely the lifeblood of Korea and the subway a great way to see it all up close. I’ll look forward to your adventures.


    • Hi Charlie, and thanks for your comments. We’ve been doing this for a little less than a year, and as you can see the size of Seoul means we’ve barely made a dent in the grid, but that’s all right, just more to see.

      Food is indeed the lifeblood of this place, as it really should be everywhere, right? If your family ever decides to pay Seoul another visit, Myeongdong Gyoza in Myeong-dong has some fabulous kalguksu.

  6. I just found you guys through LA times website. really really interesting. came to US in 91, last time we were in seoul was last year for couple weeks. looking at your blog definitely making me want to visit again. how do i subscribe to your blog? good work guys.

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