Seoul Sub→urban Partners With KORELIMITED

This must seem a bit like the hand bursting up through the ground, reaching out from beyond the grave, this sudden appearance of posts, but we assure you — we’re not actually (un)dead. Life just caught up and took us elsewhere with other projects and more consuming job commitments, leaving us without the time to carry on with the project in the way that it deserves, though the blog itself will continue to be here for your (presumable) enjoyment.

In any case, we’re popping up on your radar again because we’ve struck a simpatico little partnership with KORELIMITED (KORE – Keepin Our Roots Eternal), an urban streetwear label that’s dedicated to spreading awareness of Korean heritage and lifestyles, fusing those influences with the culture of its L.A. base. The gang at KORE were kind enough to send us some pieces to try out, and Chris put together an aces photoshoot with them at Bongwonsa Temple (봉원사) (Dongnimmun Station, Exit 4). Below are a few of his shots; you can put eyes on the full set on his website. (And if you want to see more of Chris’ fashion photography, follow chriisdacanha on Instagram.)

We’re always glad to see Korean culture and aesthetics making their presence known in the fashion world, so we encourage you to check out more of what KORE is doing to bring a bit of Seoul to the streets. You can check out their website and online shop by clicking on the link above or the banner on the sidebar to your right, and you can also visit them on Facebook, Instagram (korelimited), and Twitter (@korelimited).




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