The Seoul Sub→urban Book Is Out!

It’s finally here!  The Seoul Sub→urban book is back from the printers and in stores, ready for you to get your grubby little hands on.  Titled ‘찰리와 리즈의 서울 지하철 여행기’ (‘Charlie and Liz’s Seoul Subway Travelogue’), the book covers 31 of the stations that we’ve visited for the blog, from Sindang to Myeongdong and from Sanggye to Mullae.  It was printed by Seoul Selection and translated into Korean by 공보경.

Front Cover

How To Purchase the Book

In person: Seoul Selection Bookshop, Kyobo Book Center, Bandi & Luni’s, or YP Books.

Online (English): Seoul Selection’s Online Bookshop

온라인 (한국어): NAVER 책

Our publisher has also created a Naver blog for the book, which they’re updating with book excerpts and maybe some publicity stuff.  They’re also running a promotion, wherein they’ll choose some of the best customer reviews and those people will have the opportunity, if that’s the right word, to go with me (and maybe Merissa, if she’s willing) to explore a subway stop of their choosing.  Dinner’s included too, so it’s not all bad.  Details, in Korean, at the link.

This is obviously a really exciting moment for us, but it’s also a moment that is the product of a tremendous amount of help and support that we’ve gotten over the course of this project.  First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has read and followed this blog, offered us tips, showed us around their neighborhoods, and provided the support that’s made it so rewarding and gratifying.  Thank you also to our families and their tolerance for our wandering ways; to Merissa Quek and Meagan Mastriani for keepin’ the blog keepin’ on; to 김형근, 장우정, 정현영, and the rest of the team at Seoul Selection; to Robert Koehler and the entire SEOUL magazine staff; to Cynthia Yoo and Hannah Bae of the old Nanoomi days; to all of our friends for their support and interest in the project; to all those we had the pleasure of speaking with in the course of creating this book; and to the people of Seoul, who make this such an endlessly fascinating city and have made us feel so at home here.  Above all, thank you to 김소이 and Andrew Haglin for being traveling partners, fellow explorers, assistants, and, well, pretty much everything.  We love you guys.

4 thoughts on “The Seoul Sub→urban Book Is Out!

    • Hi Li Fung, we’re actually working on putting together the English version right now. Hopefully it will be out this fall. You can check back here for updates. Thanks for your interest and thanks for reading!

    • Hi Hanjin, thanks so much for your comment! We’re really glad to hear that you enjoyed the book and were able to see a new side of Seoul.

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