The Seoul Sub→urban Book is Almost Here!

The countdown is finally on.  The long awaited (by us at least) Seoul Sub→urban book is heading towards publication and should be on shelves by late March or early April.  Translated into Korean, ‘찰리와 리즈의 서울 지하철 여행기’ (‘Charlie and Liz’s Seoul Subway Travelogue’) will cover 31 of the stations that Liz and I visited in a more literary, less bloggy, more Koreany, less internet-y way.  We’ll be back here to let you know when it’s actually out, but it won’t be long.

In the meantime, pardon the atmospheric disturbances around here.  To coincide with the book launch we’re hoping to give the site an updated, prettified, less Atari kind of look, so things might be a bit weird in the meantime.

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