Seoul Sub→urban in The Guardian

A bit of good news here at Seoul Sub→urban.

The venerable British newspaper The Guardian has just launched a new page on their website, Guardian Cities, to serve as a hub of ideas, discussion, and writing on urban life and the future of cities around the world.  As the globe becomes more urbanized and the importance and influence of metropolitan areas increases, the page should be an enlightening and informative spot for news on how cities worldwide contend with the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.

And to help readers keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Detroit or Sao Paulo or Addis Ababa, they’ve included a very cool map with links to blogs around the world that they think are some of the best at painting a picture of life in their city, and we’re happy to say that they’ve chosen us for their Seoul blog.  It’s a terrifically eclectic mix of blogs and there’s an equally enticing mix of stories on the Cities page, so we encourage you to go explore and see what’s happening not just in Seoul but all over the world.  You can also follow the page on Twitter and Facebook.


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