Seoul Sub→urban Gettin’ Some Love

If you look over at the sidebar you might notice a new section, Awards and Acknowledgements, below the links to our coverage in the media.  We’ve recently been recognized for our work here by a couple of websites that grant themselves the power to Recognize Websites and Give Out Digital Badges.  So, we’ve put them up.

The first one is from the site, a pretty cool website that pulls selected expat blogs from all over the world and puts them all on one site.  Neat.  Anyway, they decided they like us and put us on, making us a Top Blog, as the badge says.  In December they’ll be giving out Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards to the top three blogs from each country.  Part of their selection process for that is viewing reader comments and feedback, so if you like us, even a little bit, feel free to say something in the comments and tell the good people why we should win something.  Actually, since there are only…one, two, three… three blogs they list for South Korea, I guess we’re bound to walk away with some sort of prize, like in T-ball, but still, gold is nice.

The second one is from the website Masters in International Business, which provides info for people pursuing masters degrees in international business, wherever they might be doing that.  They’ve selected us as one of the ‘100 Best Sites for International Businesspeople,’ which we found a little bit odd at first, since we don’t consider this blog to have much to do with business at all, but we do hope that our site provides a wealth of information and understanding for anyone living in or moving to Seoul, and we assume we’re being acknowledged for that, which is very gratifying.

Anyway, that’s that.  As always, thanks to everybody who follows us here, and we hope you continue to do so!

5 thoughts on “Seoul Sub→urban Gettin’ Some Love

  1. Congratulations! You deserve it for sure. Every time I read your blog articles, I am just amazed how vividly you describe the subway station and neighborhood. Not to mention, your choice of the theme makes this blog outstanding. Keep up the great job and I wish you more valuable event to happen.

    • Dan, hey! I didn’t know you read our blog. Thanks a ton, and thanks for your really nice comments. See you in the center!

  2. Seoul Sub-urban is an awesome idea… I’ve been reading many expat blogs around the world, but yours is truly unique! And the local information you share is fantastic and oh so useful!

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