Seoul Sub→urban in the Korea Herald

The two of us were recently interviewed for another piece in the Korea Herald, this one by Sarah Berlow, which you can check out here.  It’s a couple weeks old at this point, but we only found out the other day that it had been published.

It’s a nice piece, but there were a couple factual errors in it, and since it’s been two weeks since the publishing date and we’re therefore not sure they’ll be correcting it at the Herald, we wanted to quickly clear things up here.

– I actually never visited Seoul before moving here.  I moved to Yongin-si after graduating and lived there and in Seoul for two years before leaving Korea; I then moved back to Seoul two years later.

– Liz is leaving Korea next month, but not to go back to the States.  She’ll be departing on a one-year round-the-world trip, working on a couple projects while she travels: a children’s book, a video series, and a continuation of her Homes Around the World project.  You can find more info on all those at Liz’s personal blog.

And for those of you able to read between the lines, yes, that means some changes here at Seoul Sub→urban.  Check back for a post next week for more info on that.

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