Seoul Sub→urban in Print!

As those of you who regularly follow the blog have no doubt noticed, we’ve been pretty lax about posting recently.  Sorry about that, but we have a pretty good reason.

In what’s probably the most exciting development of this project to date, the two of us have signed a deal with Seoul Selection to produce a Seoul Sub→urban book.  The book will cover about 30 of the stations we’ve visited and, at least initially, will only be in a translated Korean version, though we hope to make an English one happen at some point after.

Right now the book is tentatively scheduled to be published this October (though that might be delayed), which is why posting here will likely be sporadic for the next month or two, so we ask you to please bear with us.  More posts are on their way, and we’ll be posting updates about the progress of the book as well.  As always, thanks for reading!

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