Seoul Sub→urban in the Korea Herald

There’s a write-up by Hamish Boland-Rudder on us in the Life & Style section of today’s Korea Herald.  It’s a nice piece, and you can check it out here.

Also, be sure to pick up a copy of the April issue of SEOUL magazine where, tucked in amongst the rag’s other goodness, we cover Hapjeong Station.

6 thoughts on “Seoul Sub→urban in the Korea Herald

  1. I found your blog post from the Korean Herald article – although I had to Google your names’ since the article didn’t link your blog, and I didn’t know that Seoul Sub-Urban was your website. Awesome stuff! How do you guys decide which pictures to post up?

    • Thanks a lot for the comment. We’re really glad you like the blog.

      Liz picks the photos, and basically it’s partly choosing images that illuminate the writing and partly just shots she likes.

  2. this is amazing. i found you guys through the korea herald.
    i definitely want to go to some of these places and also discover different places in and around seoul 🙂

    • Hi Hannah, and thanks so much for your kind words regarding our blog. We’re glad that you like it, and even happier to hear that you plan on getting out and exploring the city yourself. As we’ve discovered, there’s a lot more to see than you’d expect!

  3. Hey, guys!
    Great stuff here. Totally love it. Not sure if you know, but I’ve been spearheading a project for the last few years called the Seoul Metro Project with members of the Seoul Photo Club where we’ve had members shoot each stop on the metro (all 400+ of them), put together essays of their experience and compile it all together in one big coffee table book. I think there’s still a line available, so if you’re interested, let me know – I’d love to have the both of you on board!

    Oh, but drop the horrifically distracting watermarks from your images… you’re stuff is very good but all I can see sometimes is watermark! haha

    • Hi Flash, glad to hear you enjoy it. We actually did hear about the SMP not too long after we started the blog, as our friend Tony Dell’Ario is an SPC member and was involved in the project. Since it’s a photo thing I’ll leave it up to Liz to decide if she’d like to take that on. I could potentially handle the essay part, but it sounds like it’d be more in keeping with the SMP’s M.O. if Liz did that as well, should she be keen. In any case, thanks again for checking us out!


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