Seoul Sub→urban in SEOUL Magazine

Much like the Blob or Oscar Robertson circa 1962, you can’t stop Seoul Sub→urban, you can only hope to contain it.  We’re happy to announce that the project is spreading beyond the magical, ethereal realms of the Internet and radio wavelengths and going old school: paper.  Beginning with the February issue (Available now!  Or at least pretty soon!) we’ll be doing a monthly column in SEOUL magazine titled, conveniently enough, Seoul Sub→urban.  Check it out on newsstands or scope the online version here.  This month we’re going to Euljiro-4-ga.

Also, a small reminder that this Friday at 11:35 a.m. I’ll be back on the radio for my bi-weekly ‘My Secret Seoul’ segment on TBS eFM’s Soul of Asia with John Lee (101.3 FM).  I’ll be talking about the neighborhood around Daerim Station and its sizable Chinese population as we get ready for 설날/Chinese New Year.

Lastly, apologies for the dearth of posts as of late.  It’ll continue for a bit as we’ve been working on stuff for the magazine (which will eventually get reposted here).  As always, thanks for your continued readership, and happy 설날!

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